• Apprenticeships
    Looking for your vocation? Check out our apprenticeships!

We offer the following apprenticeships

Electrician – Making sure that everything runs smoothly
Metal technician – It’s more than just make or break
IT technician – speak the language of computers
Papier technician – as diverse as the product itself
Lab technician – the right chemistry
Industrial sales representative – reaching the goal through communication

Checklist for your application

  1. Write a CV or update your CV before your application. (Click here and here for tips on how to write a CV.)
  2. Write a letter of motivation and tell us why you want to work with us. (Click here and here for tips on how to write a letter of application.)
  3. Don’t forget to attach report cards and (school) certificates.
  4. 4. Prepare for the job interview. (Click here for tips for job interviews)
  5. Start working with us!