Domaine Albrechtsfeld GmbH

Domaine Albrechtsfeld GmbH

Domaine Albrechtsfeld GmbH in Seewinkel in Burgenland is an agricultural operation with a total area of around 1,400 hectares of which some 25% are located in neighboring Hungary.
The company operates on an entirely organic basis and has appropriate certification. Among its main crops are maize, winter wheat, oil squash, soya beans, rye, millet and spelt. Artificial irrigation means that in spite of the Pannonian climate, special crops can be cultivated on all of the Austrian land.
Another important part of Domaine activities is the husbandry of over 100 Angus suckler cows. The newly designed farmstead with the very latest, highly efficient technology and logistics will also allow sustainable farming even after the next EU agricultural reform.
A total of 22 wind power plants are approved for the Domaine Albrechtsfeld property. Of these, ten are currently being installed by its sister company Albrechtsfeld Windpower GmbH and another five by Austrian Wind Power.


Vao Agro AS

In May 2012, the Heinzel Group acquired an Estonian dairy cattle farm near Rakvere. The basis for this purchase was provided by the local infrastructure already created by the group’s AS Estonian Cell pulp mill as well as utilizing the biological fertiliser from our production.
Vao Agro AS farms an area of around 900 hectares. At present, the cattle herd totals 1,000 animals of which 520 are dairy cows.


Diner AS

Diner AS is located 3 kilometers from the farm agro Vao. This dairy cattle farm with 250 dairy cows and 226 young animals was acquired in March 2013. The facility includes a modern, 2009 completed, dairy barn with adjoining parlor and offices.
The cultivated areas, in total about 580 hectares located adjacent to the neighboring farm. The cooperation shows rapid synergies and will be upgraded gradually.
The medium-term objective is to increase the herd to 1,000 dairy cows by means of purchases. At present, the operation is being subjected to extensive modernization and optimization measures

The annual milk production of Vao Agro AS and Diner AS is abt. 6,5 million liters of milk. Barley, wheat, canola and corn are grown in addition to green fodder on a total of 1,500 ha.

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