Koehler and heinzelsales announce Partnership for Flexible Packaging

  • Koehler with new sales partner for France, Spain, and Portugal
  • heinzelsales with experience and expertise
  • Paper for flexible packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable

With its announcement less than a year ago that it was making a major investment in its Kehl mill, the Koehler Paper Group took the first step towards a new paper machine capable of producing papers for flexible packaging. While the workers at the construction site are making major strides and the work is well on schedule, the employees at the company’s headquarters in Oberkirch, Germany, are also busy laying the groundwork to ensure that the sales team can hit the ground running from day one.

A Partner with Experience and Expertise

As a result of their efforts, Koehler has now won Wilfried Heinzel AG, also known as heinzelsales, as an experienced and extremely qualified partner to market the papers for flexible packaging in France, Spain, and Portugal. Together with heinzelsales, Koehler wants to work on securing the future business success of single-sided coated papers with barrier functions and sealing ability.
The papers for flexible packaging are used in a wide variety of products. These include chocolate and muesli bars; pudding and granola; sugar sticks; bags for instant soups, rice, and pet food; ice cream cones; banderoles and lids for yogurt cups; and much more.

Paper Is Environmentally Friendly and Recyclable

Koehler’s goal is to replace plastic in these flexible packaging materials with paper wherever possible and practical in order to help replace nonrecyclable packaging with paper, a material whose recycling challenges have already been solved in many countries. For this reason, paper is actually the sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative.
Wilfried Heinzel AG is the global sales network of HEINZEL GROUP, based in Vienna, Austria. In partnership with producers from across the globe, the company sells a wide range of paper and pulp grades through knowledgeable local sales specialists in Europe and other regions of the world.

More about the Koehler Paper Group

The Koehler Paper Group is not only one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty papers, but is also moving into the field of papers for flexible packaging with its new PM8 paper machine. The aim is to replace nonrecyclable plastics with paper and recyclable or compostable composites.
With over 1,800 employees at its four locations, Koehler produces more than 500,000 tons of various specialty papers and, at the same time, operates various power plants in order to be able to generate 100 percent of the energy for paper production from renewable sources in the medium term.
Part of the company is a large research and development department that, among other things, has developed the first thermal paper approved for food contact. One of the current tasks is the development of functional surfaces that have the barrier properties to replace plastics in packaging.

More about heinzelsales

heinzelsales (Wilfried Heinzel AG) is HEINZEL GROUP’s global sales network. In partnership with pulp and paper producers, heinzelsales sells pulp, paper, and cardboard in more than 100 countries worldwide. Suppliers rely on heinzelsales’ comprehensive market knowledge, while customers benefit from expert advice and excellent service.

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