Further steps for Heinzel group in 2011

The Austrian based Heinzel Group in 2011 has set further steps in consolidating its industrial position in Europe and expanding the global sales network after the acquisition of its merchant operation Europapier in late 2010.
At the end of Q2/2011 Heinzel Sales (Wilfried Heinzel AG) acquired a majority share in North Rim Pulp & Paper Inc. (NRPPI), a Vancouver based trading company. NRPPI has its business focus on the export of various prime and offgrade pulp fibres from Canada and the US to China and neighboring Asian markets. This entity completes the North American presence of the Heinzel Group and adds some additional export opportunities to the well-established Heinzel Sales’ key hub in North America, Heinzel Import-Export, Inc., New York.
Following the integration of NRPPI, Heinzel New York set a further step in expanding the Group’s presence into the Latin American markets by acquiring the International Sales Group from Ariva Distribution, Inc. with a focus on marketing paper and boards. In addition, pulp and KLB will be complementing the product mix. Besides the Heinzel Sales’ sales outlet in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the new team now has a network reaching from Mexico to Argentina and the Caribbean.
Both new business areas will contribute a significant growth to Heinzel Sales through the whole product range of pulp, paper and board products into dynamic markets contributing to the targeted 10% p.a. growth rate of Heinzel Sales in the global markets.
At the beginning of Q4/2011 the Heinzel Holding has acquired the remaining shares in Estonian Cell from EBRD and has taken over full control. The company will embark on a further investment program, focused on energy savings and capacity expansion.
The Heinzel Group, which is united under the Heinzel Holding umbrella, ranks with its subsidiaries Zellstoff Pöls AG and AS Estonian Cell and its participation in Biocel Paskov a.s., among the largest producers of market pulp in Central and Eastern Europe. The Group’s trading division includes Wilfried Heinzel AG, a globally active pulp and paper trading company and Europapier AG, the leading paper merchant in the CEE region. The Group’s successful growth is based on the fulfillment of the highest customer demands with regard to quality and efficiency.
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