Europapier Slovensko takes over the business assets of ESPACK

Bratislava, 30.5.2022 - Europapier Slovensko s.r.o. a wholesaler of paper, packaging materials, hygiene and cleaning products, takes over the business assets of ESPACK, spol. s r.o., thus continuing to fulfil its strategic objective to diversify and develop in related industries. The limited liability company Europapier Slovensko has an annual turnover exceeding EUR 28 million and is a market leader in the sale of paper as well as a major player in the hygiene and cleaning chemicals market. It entered the sale of hygiene products in 2016 with the acquisition of Lynne SK, and continued its acquisitions in cleaning chemistry with the takeover of Čistiace Bednárik s.r.o. In 2021, Europapier entered the food packaging segment with the acquisition of Kikoshop s.r.o. The acquisition of ESPACK aims to strengthen the company's position in this particular area and to develop this segment in HoReCa and Reseller sectors.

The takeover of ESPACK's business assets by Europapier Slovensko is a further step in the expansion of Europapier Group's business activities in the sales of hygiene products and toiletries and food packaging in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.
"ESPACK is an important company in the food packaging sector. At the same time, it has hygiene and cleaning products in its portfolio, which fits perfectly into our current product portfolio. We are thus able to expand the product range for our existing customers and at the same time increase our market share by taking over ESPACK's customers. We are ready to offer above standard services to ESPACK customers through quality products, reliable deliveries, a strong warehouse, and expert advice. All this is made possible by the background of the strong multinational Heinzel Group, to which our company belongs," says Josef Misof, CEO of Europapier Slovakia.
Eduard Bako, a Managing Director of ESPACK, adds, ”Combining ESPACK's business activities with a strong multinational partner, Europapier Slovensko, will enable us to develop our long-standing capabilities in providing effective solutions in the areas where we operate and thus meet the expectations of our business partners, customers and suppliers. In today's globally interconnected society, the provision of express, above standard complex services and strong financial background are the foundation on which every company must build if it wants to succeed in the competitive environment.”
The entire ESPACK team, including the warehouse, will be based at the premises of Europapier Slovakia, Panónská cesta 40, Bratislava as of Monday, 04 July 2022. ESPACK's customers will have access to a wide and unique range of products and services in the areas of hygiene, cleaning products, food packaging, packaging materials, office papers, special creative papers and digital printing. Customers can also find the entire Europapier Slovakia product range on the company's e-shop. The ESPACK product range will be gradually added to the Europapier Slovensko online shop during July and August.

In terms of sales volume, the Europapier Group is the most important wholesaler in Central and Eastern Europe and the market leader. The Group is based in Vienna and is represented in
13 countries. It employs around 1,000 people and has an annual sales volume of around 549,000 tonnes.
At four sites in Europe, HEINZEL GROUP produces market pulp, packaging paper and magazine paper and trades in in cellulose, paper, wastepaper and packaging solutions. With its production companies Zellstoff Pöls, Laakirchen Papier, Raubling Papier and Estonian Cell, HEINZEL GROUP is one of the most important cellulose and paper producers in Central and Eastern Europe. The three trading companies of HEINZEL GROUP – heinzelsales, Europapier and Bunzl&Biach – respond flexibly to diverse international customer requirements. The group’s success is based on its entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to long-standing partnerships. Sustainability is a focal point of all activities at HEINZEL GROUP.