• Working together

We know that everyone has potential. But only very few know how to use it properly. We help our employees to fully unfold their potential and develop their skills. We are:

    40 locations worldwide
    37 languages at 54 locations
    since 1991

We offer our employees

  • work-life balance
    modern working time models
  • social benefits

  • workplace
    health promotion
  • group-wide training
    and education programs
  • international
    career opportunities
  • stability of a
    family business

The numbers speak for themselves

  • 10.3 YEARS
    Average company affiliation
  • 27.6%
    Percentage of women in the group
  • 58
    Apprentices in the group

Our trainee program

  • 2004
  • 18
  • 55
  • Compliance
    Integrity is our style.

We aim to achieve our sustainable solutions based on the highest quality.
At the same time, we attach top priority cooperation in all areas of life – working together, living together and community involvement.
Heinzel Group relies on long-term relationships with its customers, suppliers and other business partners. Respectful cooperation on an equal footing is crucial to the stability and growth of an internationally operating group of companies.
Customer and supplier relationships in 112 countries across the globe mean that different laws, different cultures and business practices are involved. To us, sustainability means that corruption is never an option, even if we have to forego short-term growth opportunities. Because experience has shown that integrity will ultimately be rewarded and will lead to success in the long term.
It goes without saying that sustainable cooperation based on treating each other with respect and appreciation is an integral part of the company’s everyday business life and is promoted continuously.

  • Safety
    We look after each other.

Work safety and the protection of workers are important to us. Based on

  • specialist training for employees
  • raising awareness
  • continuous organizational improvements
  • audits

we continuously work on our zero-accident culture.

Dream job: Found it!

You are just as convinced of the values we stand for as we are? You excel through mindfulness, empathy and ambition? Find out more about the career opportunities in our company!