• Sustainability
    We put the environment first.
    We think about tomorrow in everything we do.

Sustainability is not our job – it is our way of life.

We care about the environment and cooperation in this matter is important to us. That’s why we strive for an eco-friendly value chain in our everyday life. We also seek to ensure sustainable cooperation among our employees, customers and within society.
Sustainable cooperation is our philosophy. We use our resources consciously and aim to avoid environmental impacts. By permanently optimizing production processes, we continuously reduce our consumption of raw materials and energy. Through close cooperation with the wood industry, we have committed to sustainable forest management. Our goal is to further enhance our eco-efficiency by using raw materials efficiently. Based on close cooperation with the wood industry, we have committed to sustainable forest management. We use recycled paper and work 99% waste free in our paper production.

Sustainability at our company - we pursue sustainable cooperation at many levels.


We aim to prevent or significantly reduce the environmental impact in every stage of our value chain.


Our employees are the foundation of our success. We acknowledge and appreciate their talents and always support them in their development.


As a company, we take our obligations in society seriously. We initiate and support projects which give back something positive and promote mutual exchange.

“As a family enterprise, we take the responsibility for our environment very seriously and continuously invest in even more resource-friendly production. The focus is on CO2 neutrality, which will secure our future and that of the generations to come in the long term.”
Alfred H. Heinzel

Our most recent projects

Our employees, customers and society develop continuously. So do we. A short excerpt of our successes:

  • Community involvement
    We support projects and people in society who passionately promote the same values as we do.
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  • Working together
    Our employees are the key to our success. We support them and ensure that they can develop their talents continuously.
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  • Environment protection
    The environment provides us with the resources we need for our production. We protect it and create a sustainable exchange.
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  • Pursuing many paths together
    We ensure sustainable cooperation not only for our employees, the environment and society, but also for a number of projects.
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