Human resources

Employees - a key factor in success

The mills located in Pöls and Laakirchen, Austria, and Kunda in Estonia are amongst the most important employers in their region.

The Heinzel Group owes its international success to the commitment of every member of its workforce, irrespective of whether they are employed in plant-intensive production or personnel-intensive retail. In both areas, the focus is on employee performance and people with a diversity of qualifications and experience are in demand. The ability to think in entrepreneurial terms and to act flexibly is of major importance in this connection.
From its headquarters in Vienna, situated in the heart of Europe, the Heinzel Group is operative worldwide. It is represented in 29 countries and in 2015 its average workforce numbered 2,135.
The Heinzel Group is a truly international player and profits from the many different nationalities of both its blue- and white-collar staff. A prerequisite for geographic expansion is that personnel from a variety of cultures can be unified in a constructive manner under the Group umbrella. The high level of employee diversity creates an excellent basis for the generation of ideas and the formulation of fresh approaches to solutions and thus makes a decisive contribution to corporate success.
The Group’s human resources management takes decisions decentralized and when seeking to recruit new employees, consciously looks to maintain a balance with regard to origin and gender. In 2015, women constituted a notable 28 percent of the Group workforce and with 29 percent also occupied senior management posts which represents an above-average number for the branch.
The high levels of employee motivation within the Heinzel Group are also due largely to the well-proven combination of individual, company- and Group-wide, professional training and career development measures. In addition, all employees are encouraged to participate actively in change processes.
During 2012, Heinzel launched a Group-wide Leadership Development Program, in order to provide managerial employees with targeted training in teamwork and leadership skills. To date 81 managers have participated in the programme. In addition, local programmes are on offer to all employees, presenting a wealth of possibilities ranging from professional training to personal development.
For the Heinzel Group, responsible human resources management also means the proactive support of young workers and managerial staff. Accordingly, in order to obtain highly trained and motivated employees, a trainee programme has been in successful operation since 2004 and is the object of a pleasingly high number of applications.
In 2015, the Heinzel Group continued its initiative for a reduction of accidents. In this connection regular training takes place at the industrial locations where work safety plays a major role. Accidents in 2015 totalled 16 (2012: 17) clearly indicating a need for further improvement in the safety area.

Everyone is important

Alfred H. Heinzel: Everyone is important

I often see that employees do not attribute the success of our company to their own work and achievements, because they consider their own contribution to be too small or insignificant. This is really a pity. In the many years I have worked as a businessman and manager, I have realized that there is no such thing as an unimportant activity or position.
Everyone has his or her own area of responsibility and work which contributes to the success of the entire Group, from the youngest temporary worker to the longest serving employee. For example, compare Heinzel Group to a symphony orchestra. If there were only conductors or soloists, the orchestra would never function to begin with. Every instrument, no matter how small, is important, in order to create a harmonious piece of music. The most diverse types of musicians play in an orchestra. The same applies to our company.
Perhaps you can imagine that it is not easy to form a perfect team starting with so many individual people. Nevertheless, despite all the different personalities involved, the musicians of an orchestra play together, fusing their know-how in the decisive moment to attain the very heights of brilliance. In fact, they need each other to be successful. The best results are achieved if each and every person concentrates on playing “his own instrument“, with dedication and passion, exploiting his strengths, and enabling the entire ensemble to further develop and grow together.
In this spirit, I hope that we will all be aware of our capabilities, and thus contribute to the success of our company.
Alfred H. Heinzel

Strategic personnel development concept

Heinzel Group: Strategic personnel development concept

Leadership program


  • The Program is strongly aligned to the entrepreneurial approach and the Core Values of Heinzel Group.
  • The Program is based on the individual expectations of the shareholder and the future leadership requirements defined by the Board Members.


  • Goal of the program is the development of a common leadership understanding among the core management team of Heinzel Group who will secure the success of Heinzel Group in future.
  • Participants are Board Members and first line management of Heinzel companies.


  • Leading people in a difficult environment
  • Leading change & conflict
  • Leadership & performance development

Award of Excellence

In March 2005, the “Award of Excellence” was bestowed for the very first time, and has become a permanent feature of the annual event “Heinzel at Albertina“. A jury is asked to choose three winners out of a group of employees nominated for their extraordinary achievements. These three individuals are granted the “Award of Excellence“.
Since March 2013, an additional "Energy Award", will be awarded which should inspire the employees to search for innovative energy solutions to make a greater contribution on sustainability.
The prize, a cocoon, is one of eleven objects submitted to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna within the framework of a competitive tender and unanimously selected by the jury.

Picture of the "award of excellence" cocoon

The Cocoon
Here is my secret. It is quite simple: one only sees the good in life with one’s heart. The essence is invisible to the human eye”.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Brigitte Sponer, architect and student at the Academy of Fine Arts, designed the object. She describes her basic idea as follows: The main product of Heinzel Group is paper. The lightness of paper is evocative of a butterfly. The cocoon embodies the caterpillar, which turns into a butterfly. It protects something valuable, namely that object of value which is transformed and becomes a wonderful butterfly one day.
I associate this with the people who are chosen to receive this award. This individual had an idea, was innovative, behaved loyally to his colleagues at work and contributed to the success of the company. But the symbolic meaning of the cocoon is also remarkable. It is the meticulous, self-organized enclosure unveiling a far-reaching transformation. The cocoon symbolizes change. For example, in China for the powerful development and rotation dangling on a thread and then letting go. In Japan, it stands for the past and the present.

Award of Excellence Winners 2018

Company Winners Project
Laakirchen Papier Jan Reibert & Team Successful conversion of the PM10 from SC paper to packaging paper
Raubling Papier Matthias Conrad Successful merger of the sales departments of Laakirchen and Raubling
Raubling Papier Marko Lesiak Significant production and efficiency increase in Raubling
Company Nominees Project
heinzelsales Krunoslav Meic Excellent results in pulp and paper exports from Russia
heinzelsales Nadja Blenk Operational excellence in order administration and training
Europapier / Moderne Verpackung Jochen Gruner Successful product and key account management for protective packaging solution projects
Estonian Cell Marek Kobin Out-of-the-box thinking in response to the unplanned 12-day shutdown of pulp production in Estonia
Europapier Tamás Kóscó Achieving market leadership in the office paper business in Hungary
Estonian Cell Reeli Pärs Highly professional pulp allocation and logistics during the unplanned 12-day shutdown of EC
Zellstoff Pöls Markus Schriefl & Team IT integration of heinzelsales‘ acquisition Firgos in Malaysia in record time
Zellstoff Pöls Klaus Eibinger & Team New cost-saving bleaching technology for improved pulp quality
Zellstoff Pöls Heinz Kaiser Significant energy savings for sheet dryer

Award of Excellence Winners 2017

v.l.n.r. Oliver Csirits, Stefan Winkelbauer und Peter Nassey
Company Winners Project
Raubling Papier Oliver Csirits Transfer of expertise for containerboard production across locations
Laakirchen Papier Stefan Winkelbauer Increasing production of the PM11 with continued use of the PM10 calender
heinzelsales Peter Nassey Exemplary coaching and mentoring, record result of 2017
Company Nominee Project
Zellstoff Pöls Christian Schnedl Avoiding blockage of the lime kiln cooler
Zellstoff Pöls Gerhard Gruber Reducing shutdown time for scheduled boiler stoppages
Estonian Cell Artur Lootsmann Increase of plant availability
Estonian Cell Ilgar Kadõmov Leadership of the project “Operational Excellence”
Europapier Adrian Ungureanu Cultural change and turnaround in Europapier Romania
Europapier Václav Votruba Integration and development of the hygiene business sector

Award of Excellence Winners 2016

Company Winners Project
Estonian Cell Meelis Kuzma Elimination of the previous shortage of supply through PEFC certified wood from private forestries
heinzelsales Carlo Varini Longstanding great sales successes in the Italian market with products from Raubling and Pöls
Zellstoff Pöls Hans-Georg Pranckh, Franz Mayer and the whole team of Zellstoff Pöls Successful development of the new company mission statement of Zellstoff Pöls
Company Nominee Project
Estonian Cell Risto Liiv Unconventional solution approach to the conversion of the polymer dosage system of the wastewater treatment plant
Europapier Ante Suton, Dragutin Ilic Regional cooperation between Europapier Hercegtisak and Europapier Dunav Papir for the consolidation of working capital
Europapier Sandra Schmidt Idea and conception for Europapier’s participation at the Vienna Design Week
heinzelsales Kim Martinovich Exceptionally high dedication to customer service and to the order processing of fluff pulp
Laakirchen Papier Nikolaus Kaindl, Christian Hufnagel Successful preparation of the environmental impact assessment for the hydropower plant in Laakirchen
Laakirchen Papier Jan Reibert, Helmut Bruckschlögl New production records of the PM10 in Laakirchen
Raubling Papier Karin Guth Exceptional efforts in the integration of Raubling Papier into Heinzel Group
Zellstoff Pöls Christian Katschnig, Petra Überer, Sylvia Haingartner, Jürgen Hackl-Schneeberger, Maneesh Medavarapu, Angelika Medveczky, Nadja Blenk Digital solutions for efficient and automated processing of incoming invoices (Zellstoff Pöls) and trade agreements (heinzelsales)
Zellstoff Pöls Winfried Weber, Hubert Haingartner, Wolfgang Haidacher, Jörg Gschaider, Thomas Hausberger, Helmut Kleinferchner, Erich Pletz, Roland Pletz, Arnold Psenner, Udo Trink, Georg Reicher, Michael Moisi, Martin Fritz, Christian Perschler, Michael Piber Swift activation of the reinstated liquor recovery boiler 2 as well as process optimization

Energy Award Winner 2016

Company Winners Project
Zellstoff Pöls Stefan Moitzi, Werner Duer, Robert Zaiser, Bruno Prendler, Gerhard Gruber, Franz Hasler,
Manfred Enzinger
Considerable reduction of fresh steam consumption through the use of in-house heat loss
Company Nominee Project
Zellstoff Pöls Christian Perschler, Werner Duer, Winfried Weber,
Markus Stocker, Bruno Prendler, Michael Pfandl,
Christian Titze, Manfred Baumgartner
Energy generation through the use of steam created by the soot blower

Award of Excellence Winners 2015

Company Winners Project
heinzelsales Peter Schak Preparation of Heinzel Group for the entry into the packaging market through comprehensive market studies and the support of the Sales team
Laakirchen Papier Helmut Sageder, Thomas Breiteneder, Johann Enzi, Roland Stadlhuber Rapid restart of the PM10 paper machine following the serious fire
Laakirchen Papier Jürgen Sturm Limited damage to the PM10 paper machine due to rapid fire fighting
Company Nominee Project
Zellstoff Pöls Christian Perschler, Werner Duer, Winfried Weber,
Markus Stocker, Bruno Prendler, Michael Pfandl,
Christian Titze, Manfred Baumgartner
Energy generation through the use of steam created by the soot blower

Award of Ecellence Winners 2014

Project-team PPX Integration: Martin Bichl, Primoz Tasic, Onur Aygül (Europapier International AG/ Wilfried Heinzel AG)
Harald Trummer (Zellstoff Pöls AG)
Project-team PM11: Günter Kaltenböck, Roland Stadlhuber, Peter Hofstödter (Laakirchen Papier AG)
Jürgen Silli (Europapier Austria GmbH)
Tomas Jarkovsky (Europapier Bohemia)
Reeli Pärs (AS Estonian Cell)
Project-team Slab Press (AS Estonian Cell)
Project-team Digester: Peter Hatz, Gerhard Gruber, Klaus Eibinger, Robert Zaiser (Zellstoff Pöls AG)
Ilse Ranser (Zellstoff Pöls AG)
Karin Schnabl (Wilfried Heinzel AG)
Stefan Hirantner, Günther Lesser (Laakirchen Papier AG/ Zellstoff Pöls AG)
Project-team CSC: Andrea Heidegger, Arja Lehner, Brigitte Bammer, Doris Schneeweiss, Erwin Hofmann, Heidi Zausek, Walter Lehmann (Laakirchen Papier AG)

Energy Award Winners 2014

Project-team Energy: Dietmar Grüneis, Robert Hattinger, Ernst Hamminger, Helmut Aichhorn, Johann Stadlmayr, Gerald Asamer (Laakirchen Papier AG)
Project-team Energy: Christian Perschler, Stefan Moitzi, Bruno Prendler, Josef Hammerl, Winfried Weber, Otmar Sperdin, Michael Piber (Zellstoff Pöls AG)

Award of Excellence Winners 2013

An Award of Excellence winner 2013: Harri Mikker / AS Estonian Cell

Zhiwei Liu (Heinzel Sales NRPPI Peking)
Georg Stahl (Heinzel Holding GmbH)
Project team: Production increase (Heinzel Pulp – AS Estonian Cell)

  • Project leader: Harri Mikker
  • Team: Ivari Samolberg, Sergei Hramtsov

Martina Balounová (Europapier Bohemia)
Slawomir Jakubów (Europapier-Impap,Polen)
Franz Mayer (Heinzel Pulp - Zellstoff Pöls AG)
Project team: Record production (Heinzel Pulp - Zellstoff Pöls AG)

  • Project leader: Otmar Sperdin
  • Team: Klaus Eibinger, Gerhard Gruber, Gerald Hansmann, Franz Hasler, Josef Knoll, Franz Reitinger, Konrad Wenger

Energy Award Winners 2013

Kurt Maier – Project district heating (Heinzel Pulp - Zellstoff Pöls AG)
Project team: Energy Balance Optimization (Heinzel Pulp - Zellstoff Pöls AG)

  • Werner Duer (Proect leader )
  • Team: , Josel Hammerl, Stefan Moitzi, Michael Piber, Bruno Prendler, Winfried Weber, Robert Zaiser

Ivari Samolberg – Project: Power Reduction (Heinzel Pulp - AS Estonian Cell AS)

Award of Excellence Winners 2009-2012

Dijana SCHAK (Heinzel Sales - Wilfried Heinzel AG)
Andreas URBANEK (Europapier AG)
Project Team "New Turbine“ (Heinzel Pulp - Zellstoff Pöls AG)
Christian Titze (project leader)
Team: Herk Peter, Schöttl Josef, Pichler Karl, Haberl Kurt, Moitzi Stefan, Zöbinger Christian, Pally Werner, Schauer Felix, Lambrecht Gerhard, Baumgartner Manfred, Piber Herwig, Peischler Manfred, Gruber Ingrid, Strohmeyer Jürgen
Project Team: Chemical Recovery Plant (Heinzel Pulp – Zellstoff Pöls AG)
Wolfgang Herk (project leader)
Team: Otmar Sperdin, Klaus Eibinger
Project Team: Electronic shift log of production (Heinzel Pulp - Zellstoff Pöls AG)
Johann Lackner (project leader)
Team: Franz Mayer, Robert Zaiser
Ivan JONASEK (Europapier Slovakia)
Mihnea MURANYI (Europapier Romania)
Marek KOBIN (Heinzel Pulp – AS Estonian Cell)

Jürgen Nemeth (Heinzel Sales - Wilfried Heinzel AG)
Team "Production – Recovery Boiler“ (Heinzel pulp Zellstoff Pöls AG)
Winfried Weber (project leader)
Team – Josef Hammerl, Otmar Sperdin, Michael Pfandl
Team: Management Board of Biocel Paskov AS
Ivo Klimša, Vojtěch Podmolík, Kateřìna Kupková
Team: Production – Wood Yard (Heinzel Pulp - Zellstoff Pöls AG)
Peter Schaffer (project leader)
Team: Franz Mayer, Heinz Kaiser und Friedrich Wimmer (Papierholz Austria)
Jan Lahtvee (Heinzel Pulp – AS Estonian Cell )
Tarmo Veldi (Heinzel Pulp – AS Estonian Cell)
Aidi Müürisepp (Heinzel Pulp – AS Estonian Cell)
Jose Felippe Leite de Abreu (Heinzel Sales - Brazil)

Manfred Draschl (Heinzel Pulp - Zellstoff Pöls AG)
Mathias Motte (Heinzel Sales, France)
Kersti Luzkov (Heinzel Pulp – AS Estonian Cell)
Olev Kaarlõp (Heinzel Pulp – AS Estonian Cell )
Diana Schak (Heinzel Sales – Wilfried Heinzel AG)
Peter Nassey (Heinzel Sales – Wilfried Heinzel AG)
Jiři Dias (Heinzel Pulp – Biocel Paskov as)
Pavel Kupka (Heinzel Pulp – Biocel Paskov as)
Team "New 100,000 volt connection" – Werner Pally (team leader) (Heinzel Pulp – Zellstoff Pöls AG)

Manfred STADLBAUER (Heinzel Pulp - Zellstoff Pöls AG)
Bohdan BARTOS (Heinzel Pulp – Biocel Paskov as)
Serhat SOYSAL (Heinzel Sales - Wilfried Heinzel AG)
Bruno Prendler (Heinzel Pulp - Zellstoff Pöls AG)
Bretislva Blahut (Heinzel Pulp – Biocel Paskov as)
WOOD YARD TEAM (Heinzel Pulp - Biocel Paskov as)
Project leader: Miloslav Babuněk
Team: Miroslava Balvínová, Miroslav Bílek, Petr Blažek, Petr Burkevič, Jaromír Bušek, Antonín Cichý, Jindřich Cvek, Stanislav Čuma, Pavel Grulich, Radim Gurecký, Ladislav Herec, Marian Hrčka,
Milan Chrobák, Lukáš Jarecký, Rudolf Jurásek, Libor Kajzar, Radek Kajzar, Leoš Klimš, Miroslav Kokeš, Pavel Konečný, Ivo Kozel, Miroslav Krhut, Tomáš Kuběna, Dalibor Kudělka, Lubomír Lahola, Aleš Lička,
Tomáš Lofítek, Jan Majer, Vladimír Malucha, Igor Mamula, Radomír Matěj, Antonín Michl, Bohuslav Mohyla, René Papala, Martin Peterek, Kamil Pohl, Luděk Schayna, Petr Sládeček, Jaroslav Šenk, Martin Šigut, Milan Šimeček, Radek Škařupa, Peter Škorvan, David Štaffen, Roman Vašíček, Josef Venglář, Robert Veverka, Lubomír Vrožina, Patrik Zápražný, Marcel Žvák
Wepa Group Coordination Team (Heinzel Sales - Wilfried Heinzel AG)
Norbert Hofmann, Susanne Appoyer

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